Review of: Missing 

reviewed by Kip Whitaker on 09/25/2006
Kip Whitaker
Um ya,
I don't know if I fully get it. Maybe I am thick headed. For me, it was ok. Maybe I am not used to foreign ways of telling a story and maybe I don't want to be;) I say it was too simple for the amount of work and equipment and people used to create it. I think you need to aim higher, you seem to have the talent, people and equipment to do it:) I do realize it was shot in one day though, been there done that. That taken into consideration makes me like your short much more. Keep makin' movies:)!!

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    This is crazy and very well done, in my opinion. The acting was very good and the ending was unexpected. Great little film with a pretty funny ending.The dialog seemed well written and the characters well rehearsed. I look forward to seeing some of your other films. Good luck in the future.
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