Review of: LOVE (re)CYCLE 

reviewed by revendel on 02/19/2012
Very Decent!
This is a very decent short film! You introduced the characters at the right time, got to the point and showed the mundane life of the main character. Despite this, I couldn't see a resolution- I guess this could work well as a slice of a slightly longer film. The music was really great however you made a little mistake with the photography. The happy music didn't really go with the medium shot photography. These medium shots deliver a more suspicious perspective; in contradiction with the happy music. The main character looked at the camera once! As for his mundane life, you showed it well even though it really did get mundane to watch the second time around. The editing was nice too with the B/W to color shifts which showed that the film had style, although it is debatable as to how well received this style is on an audience. You also repeated the same music which got a little boring. The story has a really interesting twist which grabbed my attention. The cut at the ending was pretty cool too. Overall, really nice film, just a little boring at times.

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