Review of: Rewriting Nostalgia 

reviewed by revendel on 10/02/2010
Credited Review
Very Entertaining Indeed Credited Review
What initially hit me was the concept which I thought was excellent. Very creative and imaginative. The settings at Nostalgia were extremely well thought of. This however was not complemented by the story, which I thought was a bummer. The script deserves more fast paced action, intense dialogue and some sensational structure. The whole boring reporter thing and particularly it all being just about a drinking contest was very dull. The characters were well constructed and I could almost see/feel them such as the intensity between the lead character and the law enforcement guy, all playing piggy in the middle with the wife. Like said, better structure would have been clear precise portions to the story, the main cause of this, I felt were the flash backs which were so well made that it felt like they were part of the main story itself. Flashbacks should be isolated even if they are related. The dialogue was great, with the nice portrayal of the poor broken English of the Nostalgia people. The exchange of words with the Holy Nostalgi was also well written. I particularly liked the fact that this also has bits and pieces of romance-like elements in it- guy gets girl in the end.

Overall, very good, I would see a movie like this, but only after a rewrite to the script.(i think youve got some typos in there too)

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