Review of: The Aquarium 

reviewed by villaaro on 10/27/2006
Very funny
Very very funny. Story and characters really helped this film out. The films pace and timing were perfect setting me up nicely for the "punch"line! Some of the transitions were a bit awkward. Especially when the tough guy comes into the scene and walks in fron t of the camera and it cross fades. it could have been a bit sharper if he crosses into the close up frame and then we jump to the wide shot and he finishes the cross to his seat. But that's being knit picky. Nice job very fun.

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  • by villaaro on 10/27/2006
    I love peanut butter and jelly so I really connected with the lead actor! Camera work was great! Actors were great! "special effects were great! The lighting was a bit flat and bland. The over all film could have used some color correction to even out the entire look. I loved the story and the actors so the technical stuff wasn't as glaring. Nice job and good luck.
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