Review of: Tomorrow Never Dais... 

reviewed by TheSatinSilver on 07/23/2011
Very Funny
Very funny movie! Well done on your character Dais, A very funny and loveable character, I could a series as a tv sketch. I couldn't stop laughing when he was following her around "Camouflaged" Great comedic timing and well done to the person who wrote the gags. Would love to see sequel for Dais, Maybe this one could have a happy ending? :)

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    by TheSatinSilver on 07/19/2011
    I really loved this short film and I think the music was a key element to why, it really captures and compliments this mini documentary. I feel that it fits so well with the content of your video and I also feel that it is periodic to the history that you are talking about. Great work.