Review of: Panama 

reviewed by Purple Rooster Films on 09/21/2008
Purple Rooster Films
Very great writing but lackluster plot...there's talent behind this!
Very funny. When I say that this thing is funny....I mean it. Like everyone else said the plot is meaningless and it goes nowhere fast.

A lot of potential and a lot of work could turn this into something quite exceptional.

I love the characters and the general idea of the story but once again it is the overall plot that is lacking any real relevance at all. So, I will say it once again, I smell real talent in this piece but it needs to be tightened up.

The school day is an excellent choice for comical situations to ensue but the set-up isn't up for the challenge. You start of sort of slow and pick-up in the middle but close the piece up pretty blandly and that is where most of the work needs to be focused on the third and first acts.
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