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reviewed by azurazil on 09/03/2009
Very solid stuff here
A better script than synopsis, this was a surprise as it was the synopsis which made me want to read the script.
Everything is done well in this script. I think the biggest strength it the likeable main character and the self knowing humour which had me laughing out loud a few times. Throw in an action packed story and there's no doubt this would work as a movie. I would lose the line mentioning Inglorious Bastards it felt kind of mean and wasn't funny enough to pull it off. Also I would have liked the final battle between Sid and Victor to go on a bit longer. Maybe the setting of a mall didn't help. Perhaps it would be better set somewhere more left field like a baby food manufacturing plant. And I don't think you should tell us what was in the suitcase. The inter-dimensional machine felt a bit too science fictional for the rest of the story. The R rated aspects did feel a little obscure compared to the rest of the movie, even the violence, though frequent, came across as being as per functionary for a script about heroes and super villains. But I think adds a strong tone to the movie marking it out as being something distinct from other actions movies so I would leave it in.
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