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reviewed by FloydTheSecond on 06/27/2005
Visually stunning...
Overall, I like this short, though it's not without room for improvement. First the positives: visually, this film is shot superbly, especially considering that is was done on miniDV. I think this film helps to prove that format is less important than skill. That is, in competent hands, digital can look and feel amazing (just like in incompetent hands, something done on film can look like crap). I also thought the music really helped set the tone of the film. The long shots and the slow and sombre music grabbed me immediately and propelled into the film's "reality". Moreover, I like the general storyline. It's not flashy or violent or gratuitous, but simply sets out to tell a simple little story with a subtle message.

However, this brings me to one of my criticisms, the film/story is too talky and long. It really dragged there in the middle for me, especailly considering that all the characters were doing was sitting inside a very bland house/aparment and talking. And while I appreciate that the two characters weren't just jabbering away saying exactly what was on their minds, at times the dialog was too oblique for me. It felt a little odd that two people who are supposed to be so close would talk in code so much (Perhaps I'm just projecting because I as the viewer just wanted the flim to get to the point...). My second point of contention deals with the acting, or more spefically, with how the two actors delivered their lines. Quite often the lines felt rushed, hurried, and unnatural, like they were rehearsed and they were just trying to get the words out. The natural pauses and beats were missing. It's a tough thing to get right, even harder when you are the director and the male lead... The point to this is that it took me out of the story, out of the world that the well crafted beginning so easily drew me into.

Again, overall I really like this short. It starts off beautifully, skillfully drawing me into the world you've created. It ends quite well too, that same combination of stunning visuals with moody score grabbed me and made we watch again. It's just that middle part...but then, that's the problem with most films.

Good luck!

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