Review of: The Midnight Disease 

reviewed by Tybeau on 03/03/2005
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Well Done Credited Review
This is a well written script and surprisingly easy to get into. Surprisingly because David could easily have been a depressing, sad, painfully tragic character, but you didn't take him in that direction. We eventually find out why he's on the streets, but you didn't dwell on his past. That's not what this story is about. I highly approve of your choice to not let us know anything about his book, not even a title. As Hitchcock knew so well, the audience's imagination will take them in directions a screenwriter is not likely achieve. And what the book is about is not what this story is about either. I enjoyed Gabriel and Kay's relationship and think Susan is wonderfully villainous, evil and unscrupulous without being implausible. Connor is a victim, too, and could easily have been taken in that direction, but you allowed him to stay true to his character and accept responsibility for the choice he made. The dialogue is tight, the structure clean and the pace good. The only difficulty I had, and maybe it's just me, was continually thinking Gabriel was David and David Gabriel. Not the characters really, just the names. When Gabriel spoke, I consistently thought I was hearing from the homeless man and vice versa. You might want to take a look at that, but, again, it might just be my problem.

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