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reviewed by Jordan Anthony Thomas on 08/24/2009
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Jordan Anthony Thomas
Well I liked it. Credited Review
This is what happens when comic books come alive. This has the unflinching entertainment value that most people with taste frown upon. I dug it. There's not a lot I can say off of one read but I do have a few notes.

Taking shots at movies you don't like might make you feel better but it does little to help your career. You really don't know who could be reading this. Maybe some assistant that worked on Inglorious Bastards and is really proud of it. Honestly the jokes aren't funny enough to make it worth it.

I wasn't sold on Lilly's test of Sid's humanity. It just wasn't a strong enough test to say "Shoot that person". It's not horrible at all, I just think a stronger test exists. Something that really proves Sid is a human being. Maybe him taking mercy on someone or something that might otherwise be a target.

Something felt really inconsistent about the tone of Victor's character. He's set-up to be this inhuman badass in the beginning and then he starts making witty retorts. Witty retorts humanizes him and make him less threatening. For some reason I think of Max Cady from Cape Fear when I think of the type of demeanor I'd like to see from Victor. That's just my opinion though. I think all great villains are Nietzchean in some way. I'd really dig hearing Victor pop off some cool philosophic babble somewhere in there. He does a little but when I think of the great Nietzchean characters like Max Cady, Kahn (from star trek) and Wolf Larsen from the Seawolf, they all have an articulate way of presenting their philosophy. I really recommend the Seawolf by Jack London as an example.

Very little setting description. This is the number 1 note I give. I guess people just don't believe in description anymore. It can be done without bogging down the read and it adds a lot to the overall experience. A couple lines in each location would be nice. This will also help bring your action to life.

Really enjoyed Sid's backstory reveal. The part where he couldn't get in to see an R rated movie. Very original.

Lilly's stepdad thing was a bit cheesy but at the same time when trying to imagine what this movie would look like it might work. I did like that Sid killed him at the end. That was cool and unexpected. I'm sure a lot of people will be horrified by it but I liked it.

Maybe a little less clever dialogue in some of the action scenes. Once in a while is cool but there were a few moments where I just couldn't buy into the idea of them stopping to exchange words.

It is hard to imagine what this movie will look like but if they can make Watchmen I suppose they can make anything. I really like that you didn't lame it up for a family audience.

Good job and good luck

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