Review of: Day of the Gun (5.0) 

reviewed by vancemi on 06/15/2004
Credited Review
Westerns Aren't Dead Credited Review
This was a quick and easy read with some good albeit cliched characters and situations. It's single biggest flaw is the dialogue. The characters tend to state the obvious way too often. You need to sit back and leave more to the imaginations of the readers. I would recommend another rewrite with the intention of cutting most of the dialogue out. I would also recommend adding more action, the breakout of Papagayo for instance. Another thought would be to let Gallina live and develop a love interest between her and Billy. Overall, the script was relatively error free. I only caught a few mistakes. FYI - taught/taut (page 23), pull/pulls (page 73), and wick/fuse (page 74). All in all, with some work, this could be a pretty entertaining western. Good luck with it.

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