Review of: Conspiracy (1st Draft?) 

reviewed by mnjones on 11/22/2010
Credited Review
What Conspiracy? Credited Review
Short stories on Trigger Street are supposed to be doubled-spaced and have numbered pages. This would be longer than 2 pages.

Sorry. I did not like this one. I'm not sure what the writer is trying to say. The stuff in the beginning, about "killing my best friend" and running from my wife who thinks I beat our child," has nothing to do with what follows. If there is a story here it needs to be more fully developed and infused with energy and vived action. As it is, it lacks believability. The sentence on page 1 that begins with "I turn around and try to walk away..." starts the description of a very vicious attack, during which the protagonist disarms and beats unconscious 3 bad guys, but this action is told, not shown, in very dull fashion, in fact, boring.

I strongly doubt that a cop, facing an armed man "wanted for ten counts of murder," would say, "Sir, drop the gun and kick it to me." What he would say would more likely be, "Drop the fucking weapon! Now!"

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