Review of: The Mother 

reviewed by cc chayce on 03/06/2011
Credited Review
cc chayce
what if god was one of us? Credited Review
Wow, Nick. Fan-friggin'-tastic.

“There was nothing to say.” – Great first line! Though there were six pages of things being said after that so I’m not sure I can trust you anymore.

Very nice description of the frustration of trying to maintain patience amid tense and emotion circumstances.

“it was as if he had pealed his own skin away the way my mother’s was pealing now” – Nice comparison, and the fact that it was used to segue back to the mother from the brother was a clever technique.

“In fact there is a peace inside my anger. Like happiness.” That’s heavy, man. Awesome (not a word I use often!).

But besides the individualparts, the sum result is great as well. A god going through an existential crises of sorts. Brilliant concept and difficult to pull off since empathy shouldn't really be something he can fathom, but you pulled it off.

The conclusion's depth eluded me for a little while, but I stuck with it till I think I fully grasped it, why he smiled at feeling alone.

A great little story, Nick. Can't wait to get asigned your next one.

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