Review of: Dargon 

reviewed by BozDonovan on 02/22/2011
Credited Review
WHAT’S IN YOUR SEWER? Credited Review
This story made me sick and I say that as a compliment. The writer was very effective in making my skin crawl and my stomach churn. No easy feat considering I don’t scare easily, especially from a short-story.

Caution was given before downloading: “WARNING: Graphic scenes and disturbing topical content.”Because I had read an earlier piece by the author, I ignored the warning and dove right in. I should have paid closer attention.

I think one of the highest compliments I can give a horror writer is that the story made me want to take a shower afterwards. It isn’t so much scary as it is disturbingly disgusting. Again, I say that as a compliment. It is obviously the intent of the author and he accomplishes it.

As for the politics of it all, I don’t know if it was intended to make a point or not. If that was the intent, I don’t think it was persuasive. But it certainly burns a startling image that won’t be forgotten.

While I admire the writer’s skill, and think that he shows a lot of talent, this story is not going to be on a lot of people’s recommendation list. Beside the subject matter, and the setting being so deplorable, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you cut away the grotesque, is there a compelling story worth telling?

Keep on typing.

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