Review of: The Doll (2nd Draft) 

reviewed by timhan on 11/14/2008
Credited Review
Where's the gore? Credited Review
This short story wasn't half bad. I think it has a lot of potential, but I did feel it was a bit too short.

I also think for a horror story it could have done with a bit more gore perhaps, what about hearing the screams of the mother, etc.?

I also felt that the daughter going back to bed wasn't really very realistic. I think I would have preferred the daughter to tell her mother about the doll and be dismissed, or even scolded for telling lies, and then the mother coming to a sticky end! Well just an idea. Thanks for uploading.

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    by timhan on 03/19/2008
    The shots on the sofa were way too static and the acting needed work. Also, the music didn't fit the piece too well. Finally the script on the whole was way too predictable and I think you should of got someone else to read it and give you feedback. Hmm, that doesn't too positive so sorry for the negative comments.
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    by timhan on 03/19/2008
    this really did drag on. It was far too much of a talky, and although it looked nice enough it just didn't seem to fulfill it potential. The ending was a total let down, and really the short didn't go anywhere, which is a shame as it did have potential, but the script really did need a lot more work. Anyway, thanks for uploading.
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    by timhan on 03/18/2008
    Not badly shot, although it could have had a bit more variety with different camera angles. The sound wasn't great, which was a bit of shame as this was a bit of talky. I must admit, I think this could of worked better as a radio play as there wasn't much visual story telling. Thanks for uploading though.
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