Review of: The demon and I 

reviewed by nick74 on 06/08/2011
Credited Review
Where's the light switch? This one's dark, dark, dark. Credited Review
Boy! This is one of those stories that you try so hard to hate, but something inside you, something dark and beyond your control, just won't let you. Fiction is only a mere reflection of truth, eh?

You certainly know how to ilicite an emotional response, for good or ill, yet I find myself highly appreciative of the straight up balls it must have taken to write something this dark. This story is as provocative as it is excruciating. In that this response was, I think, your intention, kudos to you.

Technically, watch out for fluctuating tenses. You tended to vascilate back and forth between past and present incorrectly. Also, there doesn't seem to be any standardized structure to the writing, except for what you seem to have invented. Even still, though, this one is an easy story to read (technically, of course - not thematically) and moved along at a rapid clip. I'm glad I read this one, though I wish I hadn't. Thanks for offering me today's moment of perfect dichotomy. Fun stuff.

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