Review of: " Be Prepared...You Never Know " 

reviewed by rkw74 on 04/12/2005
Where's Trojan Man when you need him?
Well, this piece LOOKED nice - decent lighting and compositions and the cross-process sort of works as an aesthetic here (then again, its kind of hard to screw up 35mm). Your leading lady is smoking & running time is short (which has garnered you a lot of looks). That's the good news. The "acting" is wooden and totally overdone - all those head nods and eye rolls are very reminiscent of a junior highschool play. The re-use of the dolly moves in on our "hero" at the start didn't work for me, either - feels like a jump cut. And what'd he do that warranted a quickie w/ the hottest chick in the place? I didn't see anything transpire - he never earned my confidence or support with anything he did. The pay-off was weak. I think its a better twist if the guy who ends up with the girl is a schlub - not a cheesy goatee'd musclehead (as per usual). Perhaps the weirdo at the sink - he knows how to use the "fonzie" trick to get a condom from the machine & so he scores the girl instead of the guy we assume will win out. I think you did yourself a disservice by extending this piece WELL beyond its intended length. I think it can still be a successful "short" at :60 or even :30, but there's way too much fat here as it is in its current form. Personally, i prefer wearing Durex.

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