Review of: A Beast 

reviewed by Sanchin on 07/13/2007
Without a motive, the film lacks conviction
When the ghostly murder victim in "A Beast" asked her killer, "Why'd you kill me?", I clamored for an answer. It never came. The film executes the horror genre playbook well, and contains some appropriately chilling moments, but it suffers from a weak set-up. The main character's reasons for killing his wife are never explained, and that omission nagged at me. I was also bothered by his nonchalance after the murder. His decision to plop down and watch TV felt arbitrary, as if he knew to settle down and wait for the vengeful-ghost stuff to get going.

"A Beast" skillfully musters the tried-and-true devices of the horror genre. The filmmaker knows his subject matter well, and it shows. Every scene involving the corpse-woman-ghost is nice and cringe-inducing. I also liked the device of untercutting the murder with the gravedigging. On a number of technical levels, this film excels. I look forward to seeing the filmmaker's next effort.

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