Review of: Bathtime 

reviewed by ravensdragonfly on 10/22/2009
Credited Review
WoW. Credited Review
I was prepared to take notes while I read this story so that I could give a good review but I got so engrossed in the story I couldn't stop reading, if even for a second, in order to take notes!
My last thought was WoW!
What a good story and to come at it from the murderers point of view was a great idea!
A few suggestions that come to mind:
get rid of:
"I won’t bore you with every detail of the cleaning, that would just be too
boring, unless of course you’re into that kind of thing?
Well we’ll jump to the juicy part."
I felt it detracted from the story.
On page 4 I was wondering what it was that he wanted her to find?
On page 13 you wrote "someone like me could never have." and I was wondering why he felt that way about himself?
Other than these few questions I truely enjoyed this story. You are a remarkable writer and you most certainly have a gift for the macabre.
I hope to read more of your stories in the future.

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