Review of: Writer's Block 

reviewed by Castile on 07/16/2003
here are some things to help you. 1- i can make upi a back story for the guy to be dirven to suicide for haaving writer's block: if he didn't write then he would lose something that he just couldn't live without, but the music that you chose did add to the feel of the confilt itself. you could haave went the other direction, but you didn't. the mussic needed to push the emotion of tention. 2-- if the guy shot himself in the fation that you protraded him doing so then he wouldn't have died as fast as you showed him doing so. the gun needed to be angled up to hit the brain, buy in this case the gun would have exited the back of the neck. if in fact it hit the spine death would have been extremely paainful.3---the pistion of the gun itself on the floor was not right either. it would have been closer to the body, even if it traveled after the impact of the fall to the floor.just pay a little closer to the detail, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!

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