Review of: Who Iced Frosty? 

reviewed by BlackGlass on 10/01/2010
ZAZ would love it and make it right.
I had this on assignment and deleted it by mistake before i got the chance to review it. So this one is on the house.

This had me laughing from start to finish. The dialogue is brilliantly written. The characters were just awesome. From the protagonists, to Easter bunny, the tooth-fairy and last but not least, old santa clause himself, they were all firing on all cylinders.

I was hoping for maybe a short flashback of frosty strutting his stuff, but alas, frosty stayed dead all the way through, or is that melted? But with that said, it didnít spoil anything for me.

The story was surreal, bizarre and continuously funny. Thereís were so many great scenes that would play out a treat on the screen. Comic actors would have a field day with this material.

I would defiantly have this one in my collection. It be amazing to see the debonair Easter Bunny, the scenes in his apartment and at the warehouse are great. But my favourite sequence was with hard-core santa on the sleigh, tooled up with a machine gun, flamethrower and grenades. That would be something to watch.
Hilarious stuff, killer imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish. Itís be great Christmas movie for young kids and adults alike. It ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

Should you write a sequel and continue the adventures of Cisco and Carmine, you should have them being forced by the city to do Santaís work. I want to read that one right now. How would they hold up swinging with the City big guns? Great story, Great characters, well written, but most importantly, genuinely hilarious.
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