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2 feature lengths under my belt. Number 3 in the works. About a hundred ideas rolling around in my head....


2 feature lengths under my belt. Number 3 in the works. About a hundred ideas rolling around in my head.

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  • A review of Into the Woods
    by LBelch on 11/09/2009
    I enjoyed your story immensely, although the title is the same as a well known play, not that that matters very much. Your main character is very well formed, and believable. Your style of writing reminds me very much of the movie "A Christmas Story", and I kept picturing Ralphie from the movie as your lead boy. The only thing I would consider working on is giving your main... read
  • A review of LIBERTY
    by LBelch on 09/25/2009
    Logline: Very well done. Grabs my interest and instantly made me want to know more. The fact that it’s based on a true story is a bonus. Notes as I read: “got us a runaway nigger” – what a compelling opening line. It hit my stomach like a rock. I still can’t believe only 150 years ago we were so cruel. I’m hooked. OK, I was totally invested in Malachi, rooting for him... read
  • A review of Alamo Records
    by LBelch on 09/14/2009
    Notes as I read: Very intriguing opening. I love the 80s, this has real promise! Laughed out loud at John trying to cover his pot smoking in front of the girl and her parents. I could see him squirm. And having him blow it directly on them. Perfect. The Stu/Miggs exchange feels a little awkward and on the nose. Why is Miggs there if they aren’t friends? Kaitlin’s character... read
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  • Daniel Silk on 11/17/2009

    Hi Linda, I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer in the Scriptshadow Logline thread. I'd be eternally grateful to get some feedback on my first ten pages. Also, I'd be very happy to reciprocate and read your submission if you'd like. Anyway, Iet me know, but don't feel obliged I'll understand if you're too busy.

  • lizzayn on 11/16/2009

    Congratulations on making the Top 100 Loglines on Scriptshadow! Way to represent the 'Street!
  • DavidRchmllr on 11/16/2009

    Thanks very much for taking the time to review "After Two." Your comment about Dan and Charlotte's conversation after the truth is revealed is the single most consistent critism I'm getting, so I will definitely take care of that.

    I also liked your idea of losing the "driving home" part of the beginning in order to shorten it.

    I'm sorry you didn't seem to get the characters of Dan and Charlotte as I tried to present them--a couple who absolutely love each others company and can't resist playing with each other no matter the circumstances. You're not the only one who didn't get this, so I'm going to assume the fault is in the writing, not the reviewer.

    Thanks again!

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