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I started writing a few years ago as a hobby and I can't stop....


I started writing a few years ago as a hobby and I can't stop.

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  • A review of The Yacht
    by Leemanchee on 09/25/2009
    Why don't I ever get invited out on a yacht? CONCEPT: A couple who's marriage is more than on the rocks crash into Thailand searching for some renewed vigor and spice. They find it in an unexpected place. Not an overly origional idea but yet again this writer executes the finer details effortlessly, creating a vision and emotion that's difficult not to like. CHARACTERS:... read
  • by Leemanchee on 09/25/2009
    I'm afraid I didn't get it. I think I know what you were trying to accomplish bu it did not happen for me. CONCEPT: A young boy coming of age threatened by the changes happening around goes all gung ho. Why? I have no idea. I feel it jumped around and the constant line of On the day he almost died really broke any flow. Why was he so concerned for his family? Had a previous... read
  • A review of McPissy
    by Leemanchee on 09/25/2009
    I can relate to this story in ways. Although I never urinated at the front of the class. What I can understand is the desire to fit in and not be the one laughed at, as opposed to the one laughed with. Turning seriously embarrassing moments and stupid mistakes into laughable experiences was a great way of escaping the wrath of many a bully. There's something special about... read
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  • theauthor on 01/23/2014

    Thanks for reviewing my work. I agreed with several points you made and will probably make an adjustment or two, especially as you found a grammar error. I just read a new tale and it was so highly praised but it was just junk, unrealistic, and had one of the worst endings ever. My tale is a bit bare bones and dialogue, so it reads more like a screenplay. The next story will actually be the second half of the planned full screenplay.
  • jwest on 09/27/2010

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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 03/08/2010

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