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Frederic is a French born filmmaker now residing in the Greater Philadelphia area....


Frederic is a French born filmmaker now residing in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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  • A review of road flare
    by lumieremedia on 11/17/2005
    This didn't feel like a short film at all. I could tell that it was a scene from a longer film and it bothered me, almost like I wish I had seen it from the beginning. The cinematography and sound is top notch. Excellent. The acting is mediocre in my opinion. Perhaps the writing has some to do with it. But I'd prefer to see the whole film to make any further comments,... read
  • A review of debt
    by lumieremedia on 11/10/2005
    I found this film to be very slow. The pace is more of a feature film pace. The story isn't very original and the viewer guesses the outcome in the first half of the film. No surprises. Also, the encoding was terrible and very difficult to watch. I recommend re-encoding for a better experience. I liked the music and the editing was decent. But shots weren't very original... read
  • A review of TODD TESSIER
    by lumieremedia on 11/10/2005
    I wish the synopsis mentioned this was a skate boarding video. I found it extremely boring unfortunately probably because it was very repetitive. There really wasn't much to this film. Just a bunch of dudes skate boarding. I did appreciate some of the shots and I think they would fit in a xtreme sport video competition. To qualify this in a short film competition, it could've... read
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