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  • A review of Malevolence
    by madhvi on 03/23/2011
    Great beginning. Really pulls the reader in, and great short, sharp sentences. You maintain the suspense most of the way through and the story is well-told. I liked the cyclical nature; in the end, we kind of go back to the beginning, which I find a disturbing but good structure for this story. I think the one way in which this story could be improved is to rethink some of... read
  • A review of Nice Boy
    by madhvi on 03/20/2011
    This was a swift and easy read; it kept my attention all the way through. I like the time-setting; the way sexism, racism and class differences are depicted as well as the details of the clothes they wore (the silk handkerchief fluffed it in a jaunty way) and of the date itself. It struck me as familiar in a filmic way. From the first line, we are aware of the age / class... read
  • A review of The Barn
    by madhvi on 08/25/2010
    I thought this was a clearly written coming-of-the-age story. You introduce a note of horror in the first line, that keeps the reader hooked - we know something bad is going to happen, and are just waiting for it with dread...the way you bide your time until you get to the main episode is skilful. It is has a slow, summery feel to it and captures the little joys of childhood,... read
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  • YeahHi on 03/20/2011

    Thanks for your review of Nice Boy! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Suesea on 08/28/2010

    Hi Madhvi,

    Thanks for your review of Dealing with Everyday Life. I'm glad you liked it, and the suggestions you made will be helpful in the rewrite. Thanks again!

  • hinge1492 on 08/26/2010

    Thanks for the review of The Barn! I've heard the comment before to cut down on the repetition, so I will look in detail into that. The passivity of the protagonist is disturbing, true, but I'm pulling that from family stories of how kids react to things (esp. in different times). The worse the situation, the less kids seem able to react to it. Fear just shuts them down. But I will look in to this as well. Thanks again!
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