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As MSPIRA, I was the Reviewer of the Month for January '06, and I had an SOM nominated script in April '06....


As MSPIRA, I was the Reviewer of the Month for January '06, and I had an SOM nominated script in April '06.

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  • A review of HERO WITHIN
    by Matthew Spira on 06/23/2013
    Hi Zachary, Before I get into my comments about the concept, story, character and dialogue, I do have to say something about use of language. Let me preface this comment by saying that overall your mechanics are clean. You use the active tense, and the writing is tight. The problem is word usage: there are numerous example of words, particularly adjectives and verbs, that... read
  • A review of The End
    by Matthew Spira on 11/21/2010
    Hi, You are certainly prolific. All three of my current short story assignments are your stories. I'm going to work through them in the order assigned, starting with "The End." If I'm understanding the ending of "The End" correctly, Dergin is stuck in an intertemporal, interspatial loop of the same desperate fight for survival over and over again, but in different settings... read
  • A review of The Ghost
    by Matthew Spira on 11/21/2010
    Hi, I think you displayed a good writing style in terms of setting an easily visualized scene and populating it with vivid characters. And the pacing was nice. You mentioned it was originally a screenplay, and I can see that in the construction of the story. In terms of the meat of the action, the Ghost comes to rescue Cassie (a Hispanic-American young woman) from a group... read
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  • Jellytots on 09/04/2011

    I notice the last comment was last year! So, I'm getting one in here!
    I decided I miss this place, so I'm back...
    What's in the pipeline???
  • nick74 on 11/24/2010

    Hey Matt

    Thanks for your review of The End. Great input. I've noticed you tend to offer thoughtful insight. Good stuff.

    Oh, hey, keep the Occum stories rolling.

  • Anthony Fiore on 11/15/2010


    Thank you very much for your review of Draft #2 for Mr. Diarco. Your comments were of immense help. As were the other reviewers. I realized I had to explain alot more then I did in my rough draft.
    My wife made the point that 25 years ago, I would have had to explain much more. She was raised here in the Portland , OR area, and the world she grew up in as opposed to my reality is simply unimaginable to her.
    She even asked, "Where did they get the fireworks and cigarettes to sell? LOL. They stole them, honey.
    Anyway, I am rewriting a few other stories, which I will start posting here as I finish them. But, as for any more mob stories? That was it. Like I said, I walked away and never looked back with any regrets.
    Thanks again,
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