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Reader, writer, wife, mother, dog-lover.* If you're coming to Reno, e-mail me. * And the kitties. How could I forget the kitties....


Reader, writer, wife, mother, dog-lover.* If you're coming to Reno, e-mail me. * And the kitties. How could I forget the kitties.

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  • A review of Anne Bonny
    by miriamp on 09/20/2010
    There is obviously a lot of research that went into this. I did a lot of research for An Unnatural Soldier, so I recognize the quality of work here. You’ve done a great job of capturing the tone of the times, especially the King’s pardon and the friction between the “papists” and those members of society who belong to the more accepted religion. The fight scenes are well-done,... read
  • A review of Kindness
    by miriamp on 09/18/2010
    PASS IT ON Wow. Dominic. Great story. He saved himself. That is all. WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY? I really like it, but who is the protag? Is it Zoe, or Sarah, who acts through her? In a way Sarah is performing a double act of kindness. She is helping Zoe get over her shyness, and she is also reaching out to touch her sister, who is fighting a war. But it’s almost as if... read
  • by miriamp on 01/03/2010
    I didn’t read the earlier draft, but the comments must have helped a lot. It’s nearly perfect. The story moves along smoothly, hitting all the right beats in just the right places. The fishing sequences are minimally described which I like. None of the technical terms are explained, which I also like. It means the director can bring in a fishing expert and use him (or... read
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  • GameArs on 09/19/2011

  • MattyMustng on 09/09/2011

    Awww, that's nice of you to say. Hopefully my impending move to LA will get me where I want to be. At least it will be one step closer :)

    Have a good one, Mim. I'll get my review up as soon as I can. BTW, I loved the title for your submission.

  • MattyMustng on 09/09/2011

    Hey Mim,

    Thanks a bunch for reviewing the Heroes anthology... and for doing it so quickly! Appreciate it a lot. I'm actually expanding mine into a feature (got 33 pages written so far). Not so much focusing on it as a "superhero" story - that was really just "my version" of a superhero... I realize a lot different than most... and many people probably won't consider it a superhero story. And yeah, you're right, I probably should have had it set on a neutral ground so I could eliminate some of the unnecessary stuff and get to the heart of it. Oh well.

    Hope you're well.

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