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Crawl into a hole, emerge and write into the light....


Crawl into a hole, emerge and write into the light.

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  • A review of Playing With Toys
    by montana malone on 04/05/2014
    I love the passion you have for writing and indeed somewhere in this short story lurks a true story if you ever consider giving it a rewrite. What if instead of telling the story like a mom might tell her girlfriend over coffee what cute or annoying things that her children did that day, you showed the mom shopping at the store and what her children did? What if you showed... read
  • A review of Food Chain
    by montana malone on 04/04/2014
    Your voice is amazing. Vivid. Funny. Engaging. At some points, down right hysterical. I hung onto every word, emotion, smell, description and dialogue until the "chick", Kendra, entered your world. Please don't misunderstand, your writing was still wonderful but just did not feel quite as strong as the previous three pages that I read. The encounter with her felt long whereas... read
  • A review of Noreen the Show Cat
    by montana malone on 11/26/2013
    Your delightful, descriptive opening paragraphs and evocative introduction to the cast of characters in your short story drew me into your world. Immediately, I fell in love with Noreen and empathized with the fate cast upon her tolerating, or should I say babysitting, Lil, the rambunctious kitten. Peadar, the parrot, evoked emotions of people that have crossed my path in... read
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  • johnnyb2124 on 12/19/2013

    Nothing wrong with Lifetime;) and yeah I peeked at IMBD and nearly every title suggested has been done before. I say if it's not a super famous film and came out before 1980 then I don't mind it having the same title.
  • johnnyb2124 on 12/17/2013

    Thank you, I feel that picture captures my essence pretty well=)
  • dunphoid on 11/27/2013

    Thanks so much for the review of Noreen -- yep she had dementia/‎Alzheimer's disease all along :)
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