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  • by moviecrooks on 03/04/2003
    Having an imperfect reproductive system afforded me the empathy to connect with the undying need to belong explored in this documentary. Important stuff to so many people. Great to see a short with the ambition to employ an ensemble cast. The photography was enjoyable, most notably the exterior night shots (visual f/x?). A well executed homage to Christopher Guest and the... read
  • A review of THE WHITE DOG
    by moviecrooks on 02/15/2003
    This was really entertaining and unlike many shorts of the same length it kept a me interested the for it's entirety. I'm not quite sure how the story dictated or benifeted from the choice to strip the video of it's color, but the visuals were great. I liked 90% of the shot selections and thought that the editing was effective at moving the story and lacked the unnecessary... read
  • by moviecrooks on 01/25/2003
    A unique voice. The visuals were intriguing with great cinematography and superb video. It definately doesn't look like MiniDV. From the opening shot I was impressed. Very creative composition, in particular the shot through the bathroom door. This very simple plot draws in the viewer, not with slick camera movements and tricks, but with genuine artistry. I was completely... read
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