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  • A review of He's Behind You
    by MTaylor on 03/15/2012
    Great cinematic style, composition, staging and story enable He’s Behind You to come off with zest and campiness. Solid use of expressive camera angles and sound effect, it’s a little gem of a short the pays homage to 50’s television as much as Hitchcock’s suspense films. The score is particularly well handled as is the editing. He’s Behind You has also managed to do... read
  • A review of See What I Hear
    by MTaylor on 03/15/2012
    This is a short film that shows some sophisticated, artistic composition in both shot flow and arrangement. It has a subtle quality, one that draws you in, with a personable and empathic character who finds himself living a compelling dilemma. The editing is well done. The sound editing as well. And there’s also effective, natural acting from a novice who shows great potential... read
  • A review of Empathy
    by MTaylor on 03/15/2012
    This film as a great quality: tone. The subtle use of imagery, creatively used framing and cinematics that are artistic as well a intelligently crafted, a smart use of ambient sound and music with the briefest effects, Empathy is captivating and enthralling. This reviewer particularly enjoyed, and was impressed by, the simple eye-line and ‘look’ acting, conveyed with genuine... read
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  • DJBFilmz on 03/16/2012

    Thanks for the review. Best-O-Luck!
  • arcilesifilms on 03/15/2012

    Thank you for watching and reviewing GOD'S ACRE. Feel free to check us out at Cheers!
  • elmerlang on 03/12/2012

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