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Blake Snyder: A guy who encourages others to write scripts like "Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot" while discouraging them from writing scripts like "Memento"....


Blake Snyder: A guy who encourages others to write scripts like "Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot" while discouraging them from writing scripts like "Memento".

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  • A review of Survival Instinct
    by nohaybanda on 01/27/2012
    The biggest problem with this script is its familiar conventions, in that it's a story about a family man/woman who's a criminal, and their criminal life threatens to uproot his or her familial life. I read this and thought, of course Lewis will find out about Marlene's double life, in which event they will probably argue a lot about it and then realize they love each other,... read
  • by nohaybanda on 07/03/2011
    I like the idea of a demon hustler, and Cody was well-written and had some funny dialogue, enough that I would have liked to see him tricking and hustling even more of these demons. I also liked the fact that Cody had several ancestors in different iconic places and times, and I think if you ever did a rewrite you could expand on this a lot more, and have Sarina and Cody interact... read
  • A review of Not Cops (rewrite)
    by nohaybanda on 06/29/2011
    This is kind of a hard script for me to review. While technically it's not a perfect script, I can't help but admit it was really funny. Structurally it's all over the place, the plot was complex and kind of confusing and after a while I sort of phased it out as I read. Some things don't really happen logically, and sometimes Sean and James don't act quite as consistently as... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/20/2012

    Hey there, thanks for reviewing "The Other Museum." I have to say, a lot of what you said got me thinking.

    You've basically pointed out what I thought were the two biggest weaknesses of the script, that I hoped would sneak past people. One, the three kids need some more character development, they're basically interchangeable in a lot of scenes (kind of a dilemma, you want to build them up a little in the beginning because big adventure setpieces dominate the rest of the script, but you also want to get to said adventure ASAP). And there are too many scenes of exposition, particularly with The Supreme's introduction. But something you said made me realize, if The Supreme's main goal is to just get the kids to imagine up more things, there's no reason he can't be fabricating his backstory and the various "rules" of the place and crystal and what have you. So if I'm spending that much time coming up with a convoluted explanation for what becomes a big mislead, I can simplify all that immensely and spend more time developing the kids, particularly their relationship to each other.

    Shoot... I already want to get to work and upload that version instead, but I've almost a dozen pending assignments on this draft. Guess I'll see if they can offer anything as insightful as well. But in any case, thanks again, both for the review and the food for thought.

    P.S. Ditto on the bio.
  • Johnstone82 on 01/18/2012

    Wow. That. Is. Brilliant. Applying a Beckett perspective onto the supermarket scene from 28 Days Later (I am a fan of both the author--only read Godot so far--and Boyle's film). Seriously, thank you for the suggestion! I was pretty much spinning my tires on the main plot of the story and have gotten mixed reviews on it so far. I may run with your idea and nix the Hell aspect altogether and focus completely on the five survivors' attempt at living with each other.

    However, that does offer new complications: no real urgency, not incredibly commercial, etc. I'll let it simmer for awhile.

    Again, huge thanks for your thoughts. Even if I stick with the Hell aspect, I'll revisit Hoffen and the Oswald/William subplot.

  • Jay_Stanners on 07/12/2011

    Yeah, I agree with you sentiment. This friend of mine keeps quoting him in an effort to make me change my own script into something that I suppose feels more Hollywood...and to me not particularly interesting or creative.

    I think you obviously have to understand structure and 'the rules", but ultimately it shouldn't be a wag-the-dog situation where the script must serve the rules, regardless of how well it's working..if it works, it works!
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