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I write for a living, but it's not nearly as fun as writing screenplays, which I do in my spare time....


I write for a living, but it's not nearly as fun as writing screenplays, which I do in my spare time.

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  • A review of Long Shot
    by OliRichards on 02/18/2012
    This is a very accomplished screenplay. The writing is very good, characters well developed, plot moves along nicely and it's a nice concept. The big question for me is, is it funny enough? I'm not sure. There's some good comedy in there, but I think you need more - it's just not packed enough with laughs yet. There's plenty of potential to do this - the dwarfs, Scott... read
  • A review of Ah-Ha
    by OliRichards on 02/18/2012
    I like the premise of this movie - a gang that steal a lot of money, get robbed in turn, and then have to try and get it in order to return it to avoid worse trouble. It's a great plot and one that you could have a lot of fun with. Regarding the characters, I thought the main ones all spoke with too similtar voices. When I covered over the name and just read the speech I... read
  • by OliRichards on 02/17/2012
    Hmmm, not sure what to make of this. It's clearly very well written, and there is a strong grasp of plot, character and pace. It just, well, didn't grab me. I think because it's a comedy but it didn't make me laugh very much. There were some good lines, but it wasn't out and out funny. The twists at the end came thick and fast and I didn't expect them, so that was good... read
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  • rfryer on 02/20/2012

    Thank you for your review of Ah-Ha. Your comments were carefully considered.. and you are right most of the characters do sound the same. Unfortunately, I only know how to write from one vein. I'll attempt to change up my style.
  • lizzayn on 02/15/2012

    Thanks for the review of Valkyrie. I found your notes helpful, especially about Nancy's income not really being of Muv's concern as much as her marriage prospects. I'll incorporate it into the rewrite. Thanks!
  • SkylarX33 on 02/14/2012

    Thanks for the review of School Board. I appreciate the suggestions.
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