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  • A review of Them
    by parrot on 11/19/2003
    The short is fantastic as far as technical acuity is concerned. There was only one shot that i didn't care for. That was the one right before he sets down the picture of his girlfriend. That shot was just ugly. Other than that I thought everything was great in this department. The shots, the lighting, even the black and white worked for the short, rather than against it.The... read
  • A review of The Heir
    by parrot on 10/07/2003
    The opening credits were well shot. I don't know necessarily if the knife should have been the focal point of the establishment. It's a bit misleading that way. In any case, the story itself is well told and worth watching. The script did not allow for a lot of interaction between characters, but perhaps it's best that way. The high number of insert shots gave it kind... read
  • A review of Two Minute Holiday
    by parrot on 09/09/2003
    This is not really my type of film, but regardless I can't complain, really, in any facet. Everything was very well done. There are so many ways that you could have had the actors play it to give it a certain dynamic. It's hard to say if one would have been better than another, but the way you had them perform it was fine. The music complimented it nicely and, as it has... read
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