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All biography is just another form of fiction...


All biography is just another form of fiction

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  • A review of Loose Ends
    by peeleye on 03/06/2003
    If you know the reference good, if not, then I suggest you check out his body of work. You guys will make it big in the soft porn film industry. And don't pooh-pooh it either (lotsa $$$ in that caper). Skin flicks don't mind cliche (in fact it's considered esential). But if you want to play it straight, then do yourself a favour and write a decent story (note I said 'story'... read
  • A review of Malevolence
    by peeleye on 02/24/2003
    I'm more or less in agreement with what others have written, with one exception. The suspence that you intended for the audience might have been better realised if you focussed on the girl's fear factor and not feel it necessary to bring in the guns/ fight scene as you did. Others may feel the need to see a climax / resolution / catharsis or whatever, I think your responsibility... read
  • by peeleye on 02/23/2003
    When I Grow Up i'm going to think for myself. WIGU i'm going to tell others where to get off with all their moralising, do-good crap. WIGU i'm going to be a filmmaker and not a preacher who uses a camera instead of a soap box. WIGU i'll recognise that people who take crack do so because of circumstances that have little to do with their ability to set goals.
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