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  • A review of Acadia
    by PenName627 on 03/16/2007
    I don't have much to criticize about this script. It's very well structured, the characters are clearly defined. The resolution was satisfying. I'm not a big fan of period pieces, but I enjoyed the read. The only thing I can think of that I disliked was the present day story. I can see how it helps show how what happened to Alexandre and Jenpit was the beginning of a legacy,... read
  • by PenName627 on 03/12/2007
    Let me start of with the strength of this story: Victor. What a great, fully fleshed-out character with one simple goal in life that carries him through this entire story, a goal that matures by the end of the story. He makes the whole thing worthwhile. The story is very well-written, the descriptions are basically perfect, the pacing is good, and the structure is solid. You're... read
  • A review of Slugger
    by PenName627 on 07/27/2006
    This is gonna be a useless review for you, because I don't have any complaints or suggestions for change. This is a beautiful script, as close to perfect as it gets. If I weren't so busy writing, I'd probably quit my job and ask to be your agent. Everything in this story was just right. Character. Pacing. Dialogue. Tone. I loved that you gave the montages titles. The scene... read
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