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Husband and wife screenwriting team with seven screenplays and numerous short film scripts under their belts....


Husband and wife screenwriting team with seven screenplays and numerous short film scripts under their belts.

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  • A review of Just with you
    by phillil on 05/31/2012
    "Just With You" is a modern take on relationships, be they professional, romantic or platonic. It reads more like an episodic television program than a motion picture, but maybe that's intentional. The characters weren't particularly likeable or easy to root for (except maybe Jamie), and some of them were downright nasty. Mikey is a sexual predator yet it seems we're supposed... read
  • A review of FRIGHTLAND
    by phillil on 05/26/2012
    “Frightland” is your typical slasher script, with an annoying cast of characters that the reader can’t wait to see picked off, one by one. I don’t know if there’s any danger of copyright infringement here, as there really is a “Frightland’ amusement park in Middle Falls, Delaware. Or maybe this is just a 90 minute commercial for it in which case, kudos. I don’t mind a basic... read
  • by phillil on 04/21/2012
    “Fortune Favours the Bloody Careful,” which by the way is a clever title given its context in the story, is a crime-caper/murder mystery with dashes of comedy here and there. The funniest parts of this script, in my opinion, were the juxtapositions and extremes of the characters’ personalities, such as when Lawrence showed up at the police station still wearing his cowboy boots... read
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  • WStuntman on 04/08/2011

    thanks for taking a look at Sodom and gomorrah. As for the naming of the tale, i always wondered what could have realistically caused the fall of the city and then kind of had another idea relating to the whole end of the world idea speculating about the Mayan prophecy...guess i kind of just melted the ideas together, sprinkled the economic crisis and middle east problems on top and well the name sounds like a great way to advertise seen as the current trend is adaptations and

    Any way thanks again for the review :)
  • jamster on 11/04/2010

    Thanks guys for your review of "B&W", I appreciate your time and efforts to help me craft a better version.

    Cheers, Jim.
  • Rfordyce on 09/26/2010

    Hi Elliott & Linda

    Thanks for your review of 'Oh Sinner Man'. Glad you seemed to like it. Is
    Gil-Martin real? Even if you read the original novel, I don't think you'd know the answer. But I'm putting up a new draft which I think is stronger.

    As a Christian also, I worried a bit about tackling this subject-matter. But the story is so quirky I just had to have a go!

    Good luck with all you do,

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