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I like to tell stories....


I like to tell stories.

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  • by Podger on 10/06/2009
    Your logline really grabbed me and I was excited to read this. I think it's a great idea for a script and could make a great movie. I must admit, I was expecting (hoping) for a drama about a man trying to make his way across a country that is hostel towards him, all the while teaching those he comes in contact with some important lessons, while learning a few himself. The... read
  • A review of Angelic
    by Podger on 04/07/2009
    Angelic is a unique premise with an even more unique execution. I had many, many questions while reading it and they were all answered by the end. But because all of them were answered in the last 10 pages, I never felt like I was watching (or reading) a mystery unfold. Instead, I found myself constantly asking questions, only to have all the answers thrown at me in the... read
  • A review of Of Wolf and Man
    by Podger on 03/24/2009
    I love these kind's of stories. You know, the kind about a person or group of people trying to survive in the wilderness while not only battling the elements, but also battling something more sinister. This was fun to read. In fact, I had to stop for a couple of hours when I got to page 53 and during those 2 hours my mind kept wandering to the story. I think that's a good... read
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  • ABRogers on 06/15/2011

    No no no...I've given it a watch. 2, in fact. "Liked" it (meaning it showed up on my Facebook page saying so weeks ago, when I should have reviewed it then). But my mind was all over the place and I kept doing my usual, "I'll have a clearer head tomorrow..." (never happens, this 'clear head' thing)

    But I *more* than like it. And I'll be sending an e-mail soon (tomorrow, maybe?) ;)
    Wouldn't have left the two comments in a row, either, but I want it on the record since I'm reviewing off-site that "The Plumber" is a great short film that I liked a lot. :D (that's probably exactly what your e-mail's gonna say, too...)
  • ABRogers on 06/15/2011


    After posting my Rodriguez rant, I thought it was about time I gave you props for *your* directing by finally reviewing "The Plumber". Went to go do it and it seems I let the option to do so run out by a day. Talk about an "oops emoticon" moment. Would you like me to review it "freely" or offline in hopes I get it assigned again?
  • MattyMustng on 04/26/2010

    Dude, I am sending you the final cut here soon. Or at least the very nearly final cut. If you want it.

    I'll tell you, it's waaaay different. Sound edited, color different, new footage, 15 minutes cut from the original (what you saw) and 10 added, so it is ultimately 5 minutes shorter.

    I still have your address, so if you want it, just let me know and it will be so.
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