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Randall works in the Kansas City area as an aspiring freelance director and editor....


Randall works in the Kansas City area as an aspiring freelance director and editor.

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  • A review of At Heart
    by randalltmoore on 03/09/2005
    i gotta say this starts out pretty slow and uneventful...and stays that way through-out.....with out ever really going in close enough to see any emotion on this guy it was hard to feel anything for him or what he was going through...this seemed like just a haphazzard mess of music mixed with video, with mediocre production values
  • A review of Kerst
    by randalltmoore on 03/07/2005
    Overall this was a great film, very engaging. It seemed to have everything a good film should have. Starting with a solid story shot in a very artistic effective manner. The filmmakers put quiet a bit of work into their production and it shows as the film production looks above average. The standouts for me were the editing, which I know starts with the directing and cameraman,... read
  • A review of Everything
    by randalltmoore on 03/07/2005
    wow, that was really artsy...in a good way...I really liked your treatment of the stills / video...what an incredible look... great job, you had me mesmerized, I've never seen anything like it. the story is very understated, having no dialog goes extremely well with the visuals. Fitting music also. Nice departure from the typical films here on TS. keep up the great work
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