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  • A review of Perhaps
    by reiter on 05/11/2006
    Even with the author's direction to read with tongue-in-cheek, there is little about this screenplay to represent either Comedy or Horror, much less both. The Title Page of the script has not even been finished - the author should remove all the Final Draft Cover Page defaults which do not apply to him. It seemed as though the author didn't have a clear view from the beginning... read
  • A review of The Missing Piece
    by reiter on 05/09/2006
    To answer the last question of the synopsis, good God I hope not!!! Risking the boundary of the completely outrageous, The Missing Piece dances the tightrope, teasing to be formulaic but suggests that love and life are perhaps best not to be experienced within given boundaries. Isla as a character is breath of fresh air possessing not only a traffic-making body, but a mind... read
  • A review of Words
    by reiter on 04/23/2003
    Even the title of this work leaves me with unanswered questions unaddressed by the short. Having said that, I would suppose it is the hum that drowns out the words that leads the main character through his realm of illusions. But there is no substantiation of this in as much that whatever resolution the story provides cannot be heard by the audience and therefore only the reader... read
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