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I'm starting to decide to become a producer, really like reading and developing my own screenplays....


I'm starting to decide to become a producer, really like reading and developing my own screenplays.

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  • A review of LOVE (re)CYCLE
    by revendel on 02/19/2012
    This is a very decent short film! You introduced the characters at the right time, got to the point and showed the mundane life of the main character. Despite this, I couldn't see a resolution- I guess this could work well as a slice of a slightly longer film. The music was really great however you made a little mistake with the photography. The happy music didn't really go... read
  • A review of TIME OFF
    by revendel on 02/19/2012
    Hey! You've got some background score there from The Fall!. Anyway, this film was very entertaining, although a little confusing at times. Some shots like the mirror double seemed nice and surrealist. The photography is very good with nice smooth zooms and tracks and really aided in delivering the emotions that the (rather comic) character was going through. Despite this, the... read
  • A review of The Blind
    by revendel on 02/18/2012
    Some parts of this film are a little unclear as to purpose or intent of the main character. It's a fantastic slice of a bigger film but calling this "slice" itself should not be called a short film. Some of the photography was very interesting with some unique camera angles. The VFX was nice too. Overall nice job, but a little confusing at times. Nice concept too.
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  • Tesssa on 02/27/2012

    Hi there, thanks for your message regarding my review of Fitzroy Square! Shot on an iphone, that's impressive! I withdraw all my comments about out of focus and the slight overexposure on the white paper. Your choice for black and white makes complete sense now too. That's what my comment about photography was about. I still think though that if you were forced to use b&w, which is your case I believe, a high contrast setting would have been better.

    About the pan, I would just do away with it. We see enough of the room while the characters talk and move around. And even if not, the room is irrelevant for the story. My two cents :).

    And... so... sorry about misjudging the age difference! It's the beard for sure! Strange what a beard does to a man's face. No need to shave it though, certainly not on my behalf!

    My own work is in preproduction, an action time travel story in Valencia, Venezuela. I'm also working on a small chroma key exercise in between the work on the movie, just to see how chroma key works. It'll still be awhile though before we have anything we consider good enough for publishing.
  • hesgot on 09/19/2010

    Hi Revendel: Thank you for your review of HGP! hesgot
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 09/15/2010

    Thanks for the review. A couple of comments about your review:
    A 180-page screenplay is not marketable, especially for a new writer. Typical length should be between 90 to 120 pages, as the average screenplay times out at one minute per page. A 180 page screenplay will most likely get dumped immediately on the reject pile simply because of its length.

    Within the restrictions of length, character development tends to be a challenge. You have to remember that this is a screenplay, NOT a novel. It's a framework for the actors to flesh out and give humanity to the characters. The screenplay isn't the intended delivery for the story, but more like a set of instructions to construct the movie.

    I am gratified you found the characters believable and want to see more of them.


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