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  • by rickdemi on 07/26/2010
    The story tried to tug at the heart strings, but Elsa was such an unsympathetic character, for so much of the story, that I didn’t by the last minute change. I didn’t really find any of the characters that interesting, they all seemed a little mechanical, almost like props instead of characters. I didn’t really see any structure to the story, and the changes seemed like it... read
  • by rickdemi on 10/04/2007
    I like the story, over all the writing was good. It moved quickly, it was a good job getting that story in 92 pages. The dialogue was crisp, and for the most part worked well. The structure seemed dead on, everything seemed to happen where it should. I think you’ve done a very good job. Here are some specific observations: I would set up their falling in love better... read
  • A review of Vigilantes
    by rickdemi on 04/07/2004
    I thought the dialogue was crisp and the characters were good. I would have liked a little more backstory though. I would have also liked to see a little more affection between Casey and Aaron. It seems like they would relate to each other a little better.The bad guys were good, but the super-pen was a little confusing and could have used a little more time helping us understand... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 07/24/2010

    Thanks for the Dysphonia review.

  • JustWright on 07/17/2010

    Rick, the review on Betrayed is appreciated. That's probably the best compliment anyone's ever said to me. Of course, the story being better than the script is what we all strive for, considering this will be watched and not read by the audience! Nice! Thanks again! Jeff
  • leehamilton51 on 03/26/2008

    Hi Rick,
    Unfortunately, Scotland's dismal attempts in the six nations championship have left me bitter and twisted. Hope to read your re-writes tho. Keep me informed, I'd be happy to read it again.
    All the best, Lee.
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