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Some guy named Rick from Canada....


Some guy named Rick from Canada.

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  • A review of The Missing Piece
    by Rick Tasse on 04/12/2006
    Well written with just a couple of spelling errors( Is 'focussed' the english version of 'focused'?), good dialogue , but a bit over the top. Nice interplay of characters, easy to follow and flowed well. The repeat of the script from a different perspective was interesting but annoying. I found myself skimming over the action because I already knew it and reading only Lynn's... read
  • A review of BROKEN
    by Rick Tasse on 03/30/2006
    I want to give constructive critcism here. This is only my second review and I already feel like a Simon Cowell. The writing and dialogue is ok, along with the format. However, and it might due to my older age, it just wasn't believable. I found the turmoil of the characters to be light and did not warrant such drastic actions such as killing people. The turn around of Adam's... read
  • A review of Unholy
    by Rick Tasse on 03/27/2006
    I found the dialogue had a believable flow and didn't feel contrived. It remained consistent with the characters and helped define them. The premise of the story seems little unclear. I'm still wondering what the story is about. I like the idea of having angels on earth fighting the damned, but the introduction of the heirarchy of angels without details feels invented. More... read

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