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I have worked as pro actor in TV, Film and Theatre....


I have worked as pro actor in TV, Film and Theatre.

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  • A review of Hostage Situation
    by Rob Marni on 01/16/2008
    Ninjas Never die!! Ok guys, so theres a wierd Fight Club kinda thing going on here. I thought you all did a commendable job, but it did show that none of you were pro actors as sometimes your reactions were not in tune with the action, also it seemed a little staged to me and the music was extremely annoying and ill fitting, better to have no sound for this one methinks. There... read
  • A review of Golden Flakes of Corn
    by Rob Marni on 01/16/2008
    Hi Marc. You are a very talented man, I loved the fact that you came up with this bizarre concept, but I love the fact that you visually made it happen even more! I thought the story was a little thin and at the end of the day a good film has to tell a good story, and on that note I don't think we can call 'swallowing a Cereal toy and being paranoid that its gonna kill you'... read
  • A review of The Servant's Skills
    by Rob Marni on 01/16/2008
    I judge a film by asking myself if I would want to watch it again, and although I liked this film, I wouldn't, why? A good film has a good story and this story has been told many times and by many people, although one of the 4th graders that wrote this had the idea for the story, which is absolutely great, I still have to judge it on it's merits among all of the other short... read
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