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  • A review of Bramble Hill
    by Rommi on 07/09/2011
    Bramble Hill script really made the movie run in front of my eyes as I read it. I enjoined reading it as all the small details were brought out so well that it was easy to understand what the writer was trying to say. I also enjoined the story-line. At first it seemed like every other scary witch story but as it went one I discovered it is not so. Although there are some... read
  • A review of Viva Los Donald
    by Rommi on 07/03/2011
    Viva Los Donald made me think that someone forced you to make this and you did not want to. The acting was done in one shot and later just smashed together. The story line was weak to be polite. It was a pain for me to watch and a total waist of 5 minutes.

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  • wanderingmbhorn on 07/30/2011

    Hey Rommi,

    Thanks a million for your overwhelmingly positive review of 'Who Is Jerry Lee,' I'm glad you enjoyed!

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