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I'm retired and live in Connecticut....


I'm retired and live in Connecticut.

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  • A review of Dargon
    by ron gannon on 03/19/2014
    I liked the beginning and the introduction of the Sisters. Then it got very confusing even after re-reading. I read this a month ago and didn't review it because it was so confusing. Starting about here: The deed ended up being done at the New Year's party place. Duggan wasn't there, he just...couldn't. Is the reader suppose to guess? An abortion at the party or a spell?... read
  • by ron gannon on 03/15/2014
    I like your writing style. It was fun but what was the tattoo? Maybe surprise the reader with something we would never expect. Whatever ya want. Or the tattoo artists could show you a bunch of tattoos and you can give the reader your thoughts on them. With your keen sense of humor I bet you could come up with a few funny comments. Pick a tattoo and let the reader know at the... read
  • A review of Joan's Happy Face
    by ron gannon on 03/15/2014
    It kept my interest and moved along nicely. At first I thought it took place in Baltimore, Maryland. I suggest letting the reader know it's in Ireland. 'Mum' did make me check to see if there is a Baltimore, Ireland. Also I suggest: For a thirteen year old girl. I thought she was a boy at first. Enjoying that first cigarette certainly didn't ring true to this reader. I recall... read
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  • randitorrr on 01/13/2014

    I understood your suggestion. Someone else said pretty much the same thing. Then I realized I was being lazy. I re-wrote it and added a little more to the intro. If you get a chance I would love to hear your imput. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  • randitorrr on 01/12/2014

    Thanks for taking the time to read "Tripping". The child reference was to something I mentioned earlier in the book. I realize there's no real story here by itself. I only posted it to get some feedback on writing style and to plug my book. I made it as easy as possible to pass the test so people could get credits. Thanks again for your time and thoughts. I liked your Lola story by the way. Nice tits.
  • dunphoid on 11/29/2013

    Thanks for your kind review and feedback for Noreen the Show Cat -- much appreciated Ron!
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