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I pity the fool who doesn't make films...


I pity the fool who doesn't make films

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  • A review of The Sex Police
    by rossjarvis on 06/30/2005
    This is a satirical animation of the UK Governments stance on underage sex. The animation is great and suits the theme very well, however the music detracts a little from the overall piece. I also thought you could have made the humour more outrageous than you did. I wont comment on the compression as stated that you had problems in your notes. Overall I liked it, but like... read
  • by rossjarvis on 06/01/2005
    A bunch of independent filmmakers caught on camera doing their thing or pitching their ideas. Some are a bit eccentric, others are just plain crazy. I think this was supposed to be a comedy, but I didn't really find it amusing. We didn't actually see these people dealing with situations that really do occur on low budget film sets. I think you missed a trick here as so... read
  • A review of Tell 'em, Elmer
    by rossjarvis on 05/26/2005
    A funny little character piece, lasting a cool two minutes or so. Wannabe musician Elmer languishes in decayed surroundings, composing his tunes. Unfortunately he is continually accompanied by a pack of howling hounds. The acting was very good and Elmer evoked some sympathy from me. Hope you can expand on this in future efforts. .
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