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  • A review of Norm (V.3.)
    by scolew on 01/30/2012
    Story: I liked the storyline, it kept a good pace. I never got bored, which can happen easily to me. I was always pulling for Norm, I'm glad he didn't give all his money away. I'm am of the opinion that money cures all ailments, almost. The relationship between Norm and Luanne was simple and sweet. I liked the way Shelley went to the principle's house at the end... read
  • A review of CINEMA 15
    by scolew on 01/27/2012
    First off, it's too long, cut it down by like 30 or 40 pages. The part about showing how to work at a movie theater is too long and boring. Also, the punctuation is horrible, it needs to be corrected. It's hard to read the way it is. I like the plot and the character of Egan is well written. The love story was well done, I was rooting for Egan and Becca to stay together. You... read

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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 02/06/2012

    Thanks for the review of Ashland. I really appreciate the compliments. Good luck to you and yours.
  • wanderingmbhorn on 02/03/2012

    Hey Man,

    Thanks for reading "Norm," I really appreciate the notes and am glad you enjoyed the script!

  • Egan316 on 01/27/2012


    I agree with what you said on the review of Cinema 15. Its far too long and will be shortened. Grammar will also be fixed. I am glad you liked it though. I will let you know when the next draft is finished if you would like?
    What did you think about the circle of employee scenes?
    Anyways I read the synopsis of in circulation and will definitely be reading that.
    Thanks again for the review.

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