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  • A review of The Art of Deception
    by Scott as Snape on 04/21/2006
    First of all, throughout the entire script, your actions contain things that cannot be seen. How do we know it's a Manhattan office? Is Manhattan visible through the windows? If so, say so. Just after that, describing Kennedy as "rich" and "snooty" means nothing in and of itself. We should learn that from details we can actually see, or, better, from her actions. Show,... read
  • A review of Wasted
    by Scott as Snape on 02/25/2006
    Here are the errors I noticed: at the bottom of 34, Don's question should end in a question mark. On 36, the word "officer" should be followed by a question mark. On 38, change "figures" to "fingers." On 44, there's no need for a comma after "shaking down." On 58, where is the car parked? On 59, "Ask Brian" should be followed by a period. On 60, "look like" should... read
  • A review of The Pornographers
    by Scott as Snape on 02/23/2006
    First of all, I should mention that this screenplay is riddled with errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and the like. Your production notes have one also: the word is "exploitative." Most of the dialogue is lacking the commas that would give it the rhythm of normal speech. When I encounter this sort of thing, I always suggest reading it out loud, in the hope that this... read
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