a screenplay by wordimaging submitted on 09/20/2011 (comedy, drama)

I want to be a clown! Grandma says it’s like waiting for Godot, whatever that means!


CLOWN SYMPHONY ( The dawn of clown sometimes is the dusk of tramp ) ANNIE, a teenager, wants to be a clown ; VITTORIO, a mature man, was a clown, now homeless. The two meet. Annie sees him as a mentor; he sees her as a menace to his voluntary amnesia. Since a clown never stops being a clown even when his life becomes a living hell, Vittorio is haunted by something bigger than life! Since a to-be clown does not just slip into a clown but plunges into it, Annie’s life turns upside down: she flunks her audition at the circus school, her mother long-term-leaves for London, her father is too busy, final!, her grandmother baby-sits her but built an enormous wall of protection since her husband passed on her best friend tries to keep up but has no clue on how to befriend a new-born clown. Under the wing of an ANGEL and the help of street people, Annie pursues Vittorio and her clown persona, unceasingly. From home, to street, to circus school, we accompany her in her life quest! It's about the dawn of dreams how they ignite how they survive what changes us along the way how true goals and encounters manifest and heal And help us accept we are all so divinely mortal ... ! An homage to circus life, especially clowns, Annie Fratellini on (big) top! CLOWN SYMPHONY IS A COPYRIGHT UNDER © johanne chasle. Montréal. 2005 / ProtectRite certificate of registration # R692-10650

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