a screenplay by craugutt submitted on 04/25/2011 (adventure, comedy)

The misfit son of a poor filmmaker leaves the simple life behind to pursue the glamorous life of farming.


As long as BILLY GOLDSTEIN can remember, he’s daydreamed of being a famous farmer. He and his little brother idolize JIM BARLEYCORN, the most famous, and, according to Farm People magazine, most handsome farmer in Farmwood. Farming must be in Billy’s genes, because when Billy was 6 years old, his uncle, SID, went to Farmwood to make it big, but was never heard from again. Now that he’s 18 and out of high school, Billy is more anxious than ever to go to Farmwood. Only problem is, Billy’s dad, Sam, won’t let him go. “It’s too dangerous, says Sam. “I’ve already lost a brother to Farmwood. I can’t lose a son, too.” Besides, Sam needs help with the family film company, now more than ever, what with prices down and the bank threatening to foreclose on the house. But Billy has no interest in following in his father’s footsteps and taking over the business. Filming is a hard life, and according to Billy, “There’s just no future in it.” One day, a little old lady from down the street knocks desperately at the door. “My babies are dying! Billy can save them!" Sam can’t deny Billy’s green thumb. Not when lives are at stake! “Go, son!” In the little old lady’s back yard, Billy studies the situation.. “Your compost is too heavy on coffee grounds,” he declares, and thus, Billy rescues her precious little artichokes and convinces Sam to let him go to Farmwood.

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